Client Testimonials 


Adin Dubose: Hybrid Strength Training

I have been working out with Juve for the last 3 years on and off. The main reason I started coming in was to get ready for football season, and Juve immediately took that information and made a personal plan for me where i would see the most improvements in the areas necessary for my sport. He has shown me proper form for the exercises which is very important because it allows me to do them in other gyms and avoid injury. He also has taught me about how your diet can affect your workout and the results you see and helped me find a plan that would work for me. Juve also has knowledge in muscle testing and uses it to make sure the muscles we are training are working properly so I can get the most from my workouts. Juve is great at motivating me to do my best during training sessions, and always makes them fun.

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Anthoney Montalvo: Hybrid Strength Training

I've known Juve for the past 3 years and have been working out with him off and on. Juve has helped me greatly with my fitness, helping me become a better athlete. I saw results in size, speed and muscular endurance. He adds specific exercises based on my needs for the sport that i am playing. He has shared much of his knowledge with me such as what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. I have learned the correct way to perform certain exercises in order to get me the best results and avoid injury. In addition, he has provided me with supplementation advice for my goals. as well as performing muscle testing to make sure my body is in its best physical shape to perform. Juve has been a big part of my success in athletics, he makes working out fun and knows how to push and motivate me.

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Lisa Williams: Competition Prep

2 Days away from my bodybuilding competition and i was feeling unsure about the days leading to my show. I went to to see Juve in person and he knew just what I needed: reassurance and some science. Juve go tout the pen and paper and explained all the processess by which out muscles, skin and fat are affected by water, sodium, potassium, carbohydrates… He explained every step that my body would go through in the next 48 hours. I felt extremely confident and calm in his knowledge and expertise!

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molly O’Regan: LIfestyle Change

I had these goals to be strong but the fear of what it would take to actually get there kept me in the same place for a long time. I weighed 98 lbs and today i do not know what i weigh because i truthfully do not care. Every day when i look in the mirror i see someone who is truly happy and getting stronger. I changed my mindset. For once i surrendered to the process, and along the way i found myself. I think Juve would agree that i would have moments reverting back to my old thinking and trying to do it my own way. But he never gave up on me. Thank you Juve for pushing me and being there to tell me how capable I was. Your training, programs and constant support has truly transformed me.


Haley Hunt: Lifestyle Change

I’ve been seeing Juve for about 4 years now. It wasn’t until this last July that I decided to really make a change and I couldn’t have done that without him. He is always attentive to my needs and sees what I want and helps me make it happen. I’ve tried working out on my own and seeing other trainers but nothing compares to juve. I know I can always call him or text him for advice. I’m constantly asking juve what I should eat or what I should modify in my diet to see the results I want. This is his passion and you can see it with the way that he takes care of his clients and his business. He’s truly an amazing trainer/friend and I would recommend him to everyone.