Online training

Personalized Program Design Memberships are available for three months or one year. We begin by asking for pictures and as much information as possible regarding your past training, injury status, medication use, work and lifestyle stress level, training schedule possibilities, goals, etc. With this information your yearly periodization and training plan will be created. The key to online training success is communication, so the more feedback you provide, the better your training can be fine-tuned. Online coaching provides a secondary education platform for strength coaches and personal trainers. You will be able to analyze the programs and ask questions regarding your training. Limited spaces available each year for Personalized Program Design. 



  • Motivated

  • Intermediate to Advanced

  • 1+ years of strength training

  • No serious limitations

  • Equipped gym

Coaching consists of

  • Customized Diet

  • Cardio Routine

  • Supplement Stack

  • Weight Training Program

  • Weekly Progress Assessment

  • Unlimited Q & A Via Email/Text (based on level of program)